Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The fine art of biking

...I learned to bike when I was quite young still. It can be tricky when you try to bike in big city traffic, through the wilderness outside my hometown (rarely happened, though), but generally biking is really easy. Piece of cake, once you know how it works.

Well. Now that I live in the Netherlands, there's a whole new level of biking. Dutch people do everything on a bike, they transport everything on a bike and bike in all weather. I've seen Christmas Trees transported on the back of a bike, MaxiCosi (the babycarryingthingies) on the back of the bike, bikes that can hold a grown up and three kids...I think Dutchies even MOVE with just a bike.

So. Now that it's snowing and icy all over, it's another level, too. At least for me. I was very hesitant to bike on snow and ice, but mastered it quite well so far. Our neighbourhood seems to be the last one to be completely iced over still. Ah well, I've been biking now for two weeks on ice and snow, never fell, I must be good at it by now.

Well. I thought so until today. On my way back from town, I took a corner too fast (at approx. 2miles/hr) or too steep (leaning in ever so slightly) and BOOM! I was sitting on my ass with a busted knee. FUN!

I haven't dared looking at my knee yet. I will have all colours and my bum will look fabulously coloured, too.

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